Richard Chadek | Coaching for Personal Development
RIchard Chadek coaching for personal development. Move beyond the limitations encountered in work and relationships.
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Richard Chadek

Coaching for Personal Development

If you’re reading this, you’re seeking change. Perhaps you’re already doing what you know to do, yet here you are. 

Perhaps you’re asking yourself what is it that acts on you, or within you or through you that makes it possible to move beyond the limitations you’ve encountered, whether in your work, your relationships or around something important in your life?  How might you align yourself with, or be receptive to, that?

Those are some of the questions that inform my work with clients.  I work developmentally, which means I understand we see the world not as it is, but as we are.  So whenever we experience stuckness around something important in our lives it generally has less to do with something ‘out there’ then with something ‘in here’.

A mentor of mine once said: “Some problems are meant to be solved, and some problems are meant to solve us.” I help people shift from seeing themselves as limited by their problems to realizing the latent potential that’s not yet been fulfilled.