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About Richard Chadek Coaching for personal development. Experience, certification, career and mentors.
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Coaching for Personal Development



My experience has taught me that the relationship between a coach and client largely determines the nature and depth of what takes place in coaching.  One founded upon mutual trust and respect is, of course, essential.  And because this type of coaching is not so much about an exchange of information as the advance of wisdom, it follows that my own lived experience, and how that experience has shaped me, may be the most significant qualification I bring to this work.

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I was certified as a coach by the Newfield Network in 2003. In 2005 I was certified ACC by the International Coach Federation and received its PCC certification in 2007.

Prior to Coaching

Prior to coaching, I had a 25-year career in construction management, the last 16 as vice-president of a real estate development company. Perhaps even more important in shaping the coach I am than these experiences has been my 35-year marriage, which has required me to understand love’s harsh need that we change and grow into full human beings.

Richard Chadek
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I also hold these folks and their bodies of work among my mentors:

Joanna Macy, Buddhist Scholar and Experiential Deep Ecologist

Robert Kegan, Developmental Psychologist

Michael Kelch, Developmental Psychotherapist

Wendy Palmer, Founder of Leadership Embodiment

Thomas Hubl, Contemporary Mystic

Ken Wilber, Integral Theorist